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Patrick Post For Congress 2022
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Patrick Post - U.S. Congress Florida District 19 - No Party Affiliation

Age 66 - Born in Myrtle Point, Oregon 1955 - Lived in Florida 16 years - 7 Years in Naples

2001-Present Executive Director Sustainable Planet USA Organization

2019-Present Executive Director S.W. Florida Light-Rail Bike Pedestrian Pathway Association

1990-Present President American Literacy Association

(To read my proposals and letters of support, see the above headings and view my websites)

I have worked in many areas of the residential construction industry. I believe that homes and buildings can be constructed and retrofitted to generate more electricity than they consume, with the surplus electric power used to run our electric vehicles. This will make these structures power generation facilities instead of consumers of electricity. The U.S. needs to reinvent our electric power infrastructure by creating a national APOLLO scale solar, wind, and battery power storage project that will provide free, clean, and unlimited electricity for every American. This critical effort will create millions of jobs, lower the cost of energy, significantly reduce pollution, and eliminate America's dependence on fossil fuels. This project will help in protecting our fragile environment and our water resources as well as reducing global warming, climate change, and rising sea levels. Another important benefit is that the project will strengthen America's outdated and vulnerable electric power grids, which will increase America's national security.

The United States should begin by creating revolutionary sustainable (off-grid on-grid) communities with solar and wind farms located near all towns and cities to provide them with free and clean electricity. Implementing this renewable energy project will ensure that all U.S. homes and buildings will always have power regardless if we loose our electric connection due to blackouts, storms, or terrorism. In January 2020, California implemented regulations requiring all new homes, apartments, and condominiums that are three stories or less to include solar power and battery power storage as part of the engineering. By adding solar and power storage into the original architectural designs of the structures, this will lower installation costs by over 50% as compared to adding solar and battery power storage to existing homes, apartments, or condos. As this concept developes in the future, costs will progressively go down and the efficiency of solar and power storage will continually rise.


Thank You For Your Support!