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The U.S. consumes and average of $400 billion annually in electricity. We could reduce 50% of this amount ($200 billion) by redesigning and reinventing our outdated and inefficient AC Alternating Current electric grids. This would be accomplished by gradually switching from AC to a more efficient DC Direct Current electricity. To stay competitive, every industrialized nation in the world would have to follow our example. This could eventually cause the global price of all fossil fuels to be reduced by 50% by providing an alternative to coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power to generate electricity. This revolutionary change could save the U.S. $500 billion annually or 50% of the $1 trillion we now spend each year on all forms of energy.

Energy independence is attainable for the U.S. within 25 years. When you consider that we completely reinvented the United States in less than four years during World War II from December 1941 to September 1945, this goal is easily achievable. We changed from a severely damaged country after a difficult twelve year economic depression and the attack by Japan at Pearl Harbor, to become the most powerful and respected nation on earth. One of the goals of our project is to create revolutionary homes and buildings that can produce 100% more electricity than they consume. The surplus electricity could be used to power our electric vehicles. All structures would essentially become small power generation facilities and any remaining electricity not utilized could be sold to the main grid.

It is infinitely easier, less costly, and better for the environment to reduce the world's increasing energy consumption through new technology development and innovation, than to continue drilling for a finite amount of oil and natural gas or dig into the earth to extract coal. The burning of coal is the single greatest cause for global warming, with China being the biggest contributor because 59% of their electricity is generated from burning coal. The world's three biggest consumers of electricity are: China 24% with 1.4 billion people, the United States 19% with 325 million people, and India 5% with 1.35 billion people. The 20 largest electricity consumer countries in the world use 90% of the world's total electricity. Total global energy consumption is $6 trillion annually with the U.S. spending $1 trillion annually. This equals $400 billion on electricity and $600 billion on all other forms of energy. 

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